Here are the 5 big learnings from the past four years.

Sharp increase in women-led impactful campaigns
graph showing victories increased almost 200% since 2016
  • Sustained growth in petitions that influenced public policy on Women & Girls issues and created an impact.
  • Petitions started by Changemakers form almost 50% of all the victories on Women & Girls issues in India since 2017. 
  • Women have sustained a petition victory rate almost 2 times higher since 2018 than what it was before the program started in 2017.
Huge spike in women’s participation in digital civic engagement
  • Before 2017, the year-on-year growth in the number of signatures by women in India was 12%. After the launch of She Creates Change, this increased massively to 97%.

  • Each petition started by Changemakers got an average of 25K+ supporters each compared to the average of 10K supporters for petitions started by men and women who had not been trained under She Creates Change. 

Massive growth in number of petitions started by women
graph petition started by women grew almost 200% since 2015
  • The number of petitions started by women saw a sudden growth of over 1.8 times after the inception of the program.
  • The program has been able to sustain higher volumes of petitions started by women every year since 2017.
Women’s Economic Empowerment became a top trend

In 2016, the vast majority of women’s rights petitions on India were on public safety. After the launch of She Creates Change, almost a third of all petitions focussed on Women Economic Empowerment (WEE).

Specifically, Social & Workforce protection, Digital Inclusion, Mobility & Safety, Education and Financial Inclusion, were the most prevalent key elements of transformation on WEE.

The other two third petitions covered impact areas like Menstrual Hygiene, Maternal Rights, Supporting women from marginalised communities, gender stereotypes and women in the workplace.

Women Changemakers emerged as Champions during the pandemic

Our user surveys during the pandemic revealed that: 

  • Women & Girls issues were the top trending topics on during the pandemic.
  • Respondents recalled that some of the most powerful campaigns had been started by women Changemakers.
  • Some of the petition started by women Changemakers played a key role in ensuring safety of marginalised communities during the pandemic.

Campaigns started by Changemakers revealed that: 

  • Changemakers adapted to the new challenges and came up with more effective ways of campaigning during the lockdown.
  • They addressed relevant issues like safety of students & marginalised communities.


Building on Progress

Building on the progress from She Creates Change, the Foundation has launched its Scaled Support program to provide a broader support system for women to create impact.

Whatsapp as a Channel

We provide strategic direction on Campaigns, Mobilisation and Impact to many more women than our Campaigns team has normally been able to support.

Emergence of WEE

Given the emergence of Women’s Economic Empowerment as one of the key themes, we will focus specifically on supporting women who start campaigns on key elements of transformation on WEE.