Over the past seven months the team at the Change.org Foundation have been working from home to support campaigns created in response to COVID-19. During this unprecedented time in history, millions of people, more than ever before, used our platform to share their stories and fight for their communities.

The Pandemic Report 2020 is born out of the need to share those stories with the world. We assembled a cross-functional team within the Foundation to dig into our platform data. We spotted trends, followed patterns and learned from the analysis we collected from country teams.

This work started with the hypothesis that the Coronavirus pandemic may have started a new chapter in digital activism history.

The data points to a new era, with the pandemic acting as a catalyst for citizen engagement worldwide.

We hope you find the report interesting and insightful.

Table of Contents.

A global index of Digital Civic Engagement
What do people want?
What has changed?
What are we learning?

The Change.org Foundation.

The Change.org Foundation is a global non-profit servicing almost 137 million users in 11 countries, mostly in the Global South. We leverage the global Change.org platform, the largest platform for social change, to support highly localised programs, develop analytics intelligence, technology and training to catalyse citizen leadership and collective action on issues they want to create change.

In many of these countries, democracy is broken — people in power are not accountable to the people whose lives they impact. We want there to be a world where decision-making spaces are open, so that people can fully participate in holding the powerful to account.

We believe that sustainable positive social change will be led by the people impacted by an issue or injustice. Technology has the power to connect, amplify, and accelerate this change and bridge the gap between the people in power and the people leading change.


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So many campaigners, petition starters, supporters and allies of the Change.org Foundation generously contributed data and ideas alongside countless Change.org users who participated generating impact worldwide.

Lucas Pretti and Olga Mugyenyi are the editors of this report.

Mary Imbong is the editorial assistant and social media coordinator.

Francisco Teijeiro is the visual designer and creative lead.

Federico Álvarez and Tushar Badhwar are data and research analysts.

Durga Nandini is the media outreach coordinator alongside Hannah Rafferty.

Special thanks to Danny Hutley, Sebastian Schuetz, Irene Milleiro, Preethi Herman and Susana Fernández Garrido for the support on insights and trends. To Garvita Khybri and Niki Schönherr for the support on social media management, visuals, and branding. To Luiz Fukushiro for the support on data science and web development. And to Amy Lockwood, Anya Ayvazyan, and Kimberly Kay for their time reviewing some of the materials.

The creative studio and digital agency Cerebrart developed the data visualisations and the studio Tin Craft Productions created the promotional video.

Full list of collaborators.
Alberto Herrera Aragon
Alex Rapson
Annika Heintz
Ansa Edim

Ayumi Nishimae
Belkacem Nacer
Desma Murni
Dhenok Pratiwi
Gaston Wright
Gulcin Sahin
Javier Sanchez
Jeanne Sanjaya
Kajal Odedra

Mahim Singh
Mameta Endo
Monica Souza

Nida Hasan
Namrata Kilpady
Prarthana Gupta
Stephanie Brancaforte
Vijai Kao

Yam Limprayoonyong


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First publish date: August 25, 2020
Latest update: September 7, 2020